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Web Analytics and Reporting

Are you just measuring page views or visitors to your website and nothing else?

Do you have no idea what your visitors do once they get to your web site?

Do you know exactly what return your web site is providing to you?

The web is the most measurable form of advertising available for your business. By analyzing your web statistics, we can determine how our marketing efforts are performing, where our traffic is coming from, and then base our ongoing marketing efforts of those metrics. We can tell you exactly who came to your web site, what they did while they were there, and how they found your site to begin with. Using this information we will tailor your ongoing marketing efforts to maximize the potential of your web site online.

Understanding Web Analytics

Reviewing your web site analytics allows you to make intelligent decisions on how to maintain your web site. As part of our ongoing marketing service, we regularly review bounce rates, 404 errors, keyword performance, top referrers, popular pages, and a host of other metrics that make up your key performance indicators (KPIs). We'll review these metrics with you regularly in order to ensure that your web site marketing dollars are being spent wisely, and to improve the usability and effectiveness of your web site design, architecture, and performance.

Web Analytics and Log Files

You have many choices for analytics tools and we recommend a combination of a javascript-based tool such as Google Analytics, it is imperative to also review your web site log files as they both provide information that the other cannot provide, such as error logs, bandwidth reporting, and other important metrics.

Goals, Conversions, and other Key Performance Indicators

The most important factor when implementing a web analytics strategy is to determine what your web site goals are. This can be generating information requests, newsletter subscribers, sales, phone calls, brand exposure or what ever else you want your web site to do for you. Having these goals in place allow us to track the performance of your web site and show you exactly what your web site is doing for you.

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