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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

Curious about why you would pay for traffic to your website?

Annoyed with the lack of return on your paid search campaign?

Looking for a quick way to get traffic to your web site?

Pay-per-click advertising is when you pay when someone clicks an ad and goes to your web site. Developing an online presence for your web site takes time. If you are creating an original web site with a brand new domain, search engines tend to apply an aging filter for a set amount of time causing your web site to rank poorly until it is considered trusted. In this case, some web sites can take anywhere from 6-8 months or more before they will even show up in search engine results pages. That is why we always recommend a targeted pay-per-click campaign to launch your web site and kick-start some traffic to your site.

Initially, you might seem hesitant to pay for clicks to your web site, but keep in mind that you can set daily budgets to ensure that you don't get any large, unexpected bills for your marketing. Also, when you consider that the traffic sent to your web site by search engines is more targeted than any other form of advertising, pay-per-click marketing provides arguably the best return on your investment.

PPC Campaign Management

As the managers of your pay-per-click campaign we research and manage keyword-based ad groups, write and test multiple ads, optimize landing pages, review keyword performance, and then ensure that your budget is being used to drive the maximum number of clicks to your site for your money.

Landing Page Optimization

The page that people are sent to once they click on your ad is called your landing page. Novice marketers often send all their traffic to their home page, although developing a custom landing page for each campaign provides the best results. Combined with our analytics strategies, we will regularly update your landing pages to increase conversions and maximize the return on your investment.

Google, Yahoo!, and Bing

We always recommend starting out with Google's AdWords system however, depending on your budget, Yahoo! and Bing (Microsoft's new search engine) are great alternatives as searchers on those search engines are just as targeted as Google's users. The reason we recommend Google is because of their advanced advertising platform, and also because of their huge share of the search engine market.

Facebook Advertising Management

Facebook is a new player in pay-per-click advertising and can provide great results. Even though the typical Facebook user is looking at photos, communicating with friends, and not necessarily interested in buying something. Facebook users are still interested in upcoming events, signing up for contests, and because we can laser-target Facebook ads based on geographic location, age, gender, education level, and personal hobbies and interests, you can be sure that the users that do view your ads are as targeted as they can be.

Pay-Per-Click Or Search Engine Optimization?

Implementing pay-per-click campaigns will begin driving traffic to your web site right away, and you control the placement of your ads, the message, and what page on your web site visitors land on. With search engine optimization, it can take months before you see any real change in rankings or in the amount of traffic being sent to your web site.

We always recommend a hybrid of SEO and PPC to ensure that traffic is driven to your web site right away, but also so that in the long-term your site will continue to reap the benefits of having strong search engine rankings.

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