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E-mail Marketing

Trying to increase the conversion rates of your e-mails?

Curious about who is opening your e-mails and what your subscribers are clicking on?

Mystified by common spam rules and why your e-mails are being marked as spam?

Interested in reaching the most targeted group of potential customers you can? How about being able to communicate with people that have asked you to contact them? Developing a mailing list of existing customers allows you to contact people that have already bought your products and/or services, and those are the most likely people to buy from you again.

List Generation

We don't buy lists of e-mail addresses, we help you promote your web site and develop a strategy that encourages users to sign up for your mailing list. We use a number of our search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and social media marketing tactics to drive people to your web site and then ensure that they are able to signup for your mailing list and get their permission to send them e-mail.

E-mail Design & Delivery

Design is crucial to the success of your e-mail marketing success. E-mails aren't meant to give complete information to people but to provide them with a sample of what's available on your web site, and encourage them to return to your site, or share your e-mail with others. This means you need to avoid having lots of long text, and complete articles in your e-mails. Rather, including a list of recent updates to your site, blog posts, or industry news is a great way to get people to regularly read your e-mails and get them to return to your web site.

Images are often blocked by e-mail programs and the recipient must specifically download or tell their mail client to show images. The design of your e-mail template must account for this and be designed to intrigue people enough to open the e-mail and download images based on the subject line and text at the top of your message. We determine what subject lines, and e-mail design formats work best by reviewing our click through rates, open rates, and unsubscribe rates after sending out e-mails.

Spam and Other Technical Issues

Spam filters can be the death of e-mail marketing campaigns, and with our experience in managing spam filters for our own mail servers, we have a strong understanding of what is often flagged as spam by most spam filtering software. Managing the number of images in your e-mail, abiding by can-spam laws, and monitoring blacklists to be sure your web site is not listed as spam are some of the things that need to be monitored in your e-mail campaigns.

Mailing List/Newsletter Software

Your web site is a communications tool, but your communication strategy should not end there. Creating a mailing list is the best way for you to reach out and contact each of your customers on an individual basis. Being able to consistently contact your visitors through an e-mail newsletter is the most cost-effective way of keeping visitors loyal to your site and generating return traffic and sales.

As changes are made to your site, or new products and announcements are made, sending an e-mail to your entire customer list will ensure that they are informed of the update and they will appreciate your efforts to keep them up to date with your products or services.

Manage Multiple Subscribers and Lists

Managing your subscribers is often a scary task as your mailing list can grow to thousands of subscribers. Our system helps you manage your subscribers into multiple lists, and allow you to send mail to only a subset of your subscriber base.

E-mail Templates

E-mail template design is very different than web site design. We have a smaller viewport to fit your message into, users have a different attention level, and we don't have the capability to include rich content including multimedia. To create an effective e-mail template, we need to optimize your subject line, as well as the visual look and feel of your e-mail. We must ensure that users with e-mail clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, or web-based e-mail such as GMail, Hotmail, or Yahoo! can see your e-mail properly. We must also optimize the template to include both and HTML and a plain-text version of your e-mail to ensure that users reading e-mail on cell phones, or with HTML emails disabled can still view your message.

Can-SPAM Rules and E-mail Best Practices

Need guidance on e-mail best practices and common spam rules and legislation? Or did you even know there was such a thing? If we don't design your templates we will work with you to ensure that your templates will meet any existing anti-spam criteria to ensure it is delivered to your email recipients as intended.

Reporting and E-mail Analytics

What good is sending out e-mail to your clients, partners, and prospects when you don't know what they do when the receive it? Our system allows you to track e-mail open rates, click-throughs, unsubscribe rates as well as tagging visitors once they come to your site so we can tell you not only if your e-mail recipients opened your e-mail and clicked-through to your web site but what they did on your site once they got there. This powerful information allows us to analyze your existing campaigns and make changes to improve click-through rate, and overall effectiveness of your e-mail marketing.

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